Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Hit: Theater J's new show and blogger discount

Performance: Something You Did
: Theater J, 1529 16th Street NW
Metro Stops
: Dupont Circle – Red line or U Street/Cardozo-Green line. Directions here.
: Political Drama
: Aug 28-Oct 3
All 35 and under tickets are $15.
: Aug 29 and 30. Also, they have a $30 preview on Aug 28, but I’m not sure why anyone would go to that if they offer $30 rates for all Sunday night performances.

Blogger Special: Theater J has a new special for blog readers. Enter the code DCBLOGGER when you order tickets, and all tickets are $15 for the following nights:

Saturday, August 28, 8:00

Thursday, September 2, 7:30

Saturday, September 4, 8:00

Sunday, September 5, 3:00 AND 7:30

Monday, September 6, (Labor Day) 7:30 pm

Even if you are under 35 and would usually just use that discount, 20something and I encourage you to use the blogger discount code instead as a way to encourage Theater J to continue to offer discounts for blog readers. It’s great that they are reaching out to the community and recognizing the publicity they can get on DC blogs. Spread the word and encourage your friends to use the code and thank Theater J for offering the special.

Now about the show itself:

They say: A stellar student from a famed, leftist family, Alison Moulton (Deborah Hazlett) is serving her 30th year behind bars for an anti-war bombing that resulted in the death of a police officer. Once a member of a radical activist group much like the Weather Underground, she now spends her days volunteering in the prison library and providing legal counsel to her irreverent young prison guard Uneeq Edmunds (Lolita-Marie). The play opens only days after the death of Alison’s father, as his pugnacious law partner Arthur Rossiter (Norman Aronovic) comes to Alison with a new plan to petition for her parole. Alison, however, has a different idea of how to win the case: Over the objections of others, she's gotten in touch with Lenora Renshaw, the slain officer’s daughter (Aakuh Freeman) who has grown into a formidable woman. The encounter between the two goes badly. Alison is also visited by Eugene Biddle (Rick Foucheux), a former comrade and lover, turned neo- conservative author and media star. Biddle, who's been sent by Arthur ostensibly to help Alison appeal to a more conservative constituency, not only argues against her, but implicates a past associate who once worked on Alison's legal defense, now a public official. As the debate unfolds, secrets are revealed and battles revisited. Smear politics, ‘60s revisionism, and the desire to rejoin society form the driving, conflicting forces in this “fluid and eloquent play” (The New York Times).

We say: Theater J is offering a series of post-show discussions on various themes of the play. They have been offering these discussions for at least the past couple seasons, and this time around they definitely seem worth checking out. The topics range from religious perspectives of prison to the changes in political activism from the 1960s to now. If you have been missing the heated political discussions during the August recess and are looking for some political and philosophical discussions, Something You Did is just the play for you. 20something and I will probably check it out in order to see how Theater J is kicking off the season. Let us know when you are going, and we'll tag along.

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