Monday, July 12, 2010

My fourth fringe review: Miss Teen Jesus Pagent

This is one of those reviews I had to disclaim. Here's what I said:

Final score: 1 out of 5

Disclaimer: This show clearly has a target audience. I am not in that target. If you enjoy jokes about drag queens, jokes about ridiculous evangelical preachers, or jokes about JR’s Bar on 16th Street, this show might be for you. There were clearly people in the audience tonight who enjoyed it (some even gave it a standing ovation.) But …
Holy Crap! And by that I mean that Miss Teen Jesus Pageant is a lot of crap about some holy stuff. This play is a 120-minute bout of silliness that has liberated itself from the “pointless” confines of plot and structure and intentionality. To say this play is a rough draft is generous. It feels more like an idea that seemed really funny at 3:00 am and which got turned into a play later that same day. Miss Tean was high school-ish in all the worst ways. There were more missed cues than laugh lines. There were more inexplicable plot points than there were coherent moments. The playwrights (Ferinelli Sensino and Lobo Lagodi*) may had had a point to make, but they have hidden it beneath so many unintelligible twists and turns that it was impossible to discern.
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  1. I love this play and thought it was very funny. The roaring of laughter from the rest of the audience makes me think everyone else had fun too!


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