Monday, July 12, 2010

Friend of DB's fringe reviews

Friend of District Beat and fabulous writer, Tzvi, is also reviewing Fringe for DCTS. Here's his first review:

Score: 4/5

“My name is Slash Coleman. I’m a Jewish scientist – in my mind.” With these opening words, the performer of the one-man show Chaidentity articulates ground rules that, not surprisingly, he quickly defies. For as Coleman well knows, the quest to establish a coherent Jewish identity in the American melting pot – an effort so ubiquitous in American Jewish life and literature that it has become a cliché of a cliché – cannot succeed by positing a series of evidentiary propositions that lead organically to logical conclusions. Instead, science gives way to the messier whims of historical consciousness, collective memory and subjective human experience, which in Coleman’s case encompass primarily – what else? – the Holocaust, intermarriage, assimilation, aging rabbis with Yiddish inflections, and a healthy dose of confusion and agonized introspection.
Click here to read the rest of this review.

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