Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick Hit: PWYC Saturday

Performance: The Solid Gold Cadillac
Theater: Studio Theatre. 1501 14th St, NW
Metro stops: Dupont Circle -Red line or U Street/Cardozo-Green line
Genre: $inderella meets Wall $treet
Cost: Tickets are $50+. There are student rush tickets (when available) 30 min before the show for $19 or you can usher (more here). Also, keep your eyes open for Goldstar discount tix.
Dates: Through January 10
PWYC: TOMORROW (Saturday) 2pm. Tickets on sale at 12pm

They say: Written in 1953, Howard Teichmann and George S. Kaufman's lost American classic percolates with startling contemporary resonance. A "fairy tale" disguised in farce, this play follows the trials and travails of Mrs. Laura Partridge, a minor stockholder in a major corporation. In this farcical Cinderella story, big business meets its match when Mrs. Partridge takes on the big, bad, board of directors, ultimately bringing the executives to their knees. A true David and Goliath story, The Solid Gold Cadillac underscores the power of the individual in the face of corporate corruption.

We say: The Solid Gold Cadillac is the second of three "money plays" that Studio is doing this season. We saw the first, Adding Machine: A Musical, earlier in the fall. Cadillac sounds a bit lighter than that dark, cacophonous musical. Hopefully the $econd of the $eries will be just as $uccessful. Also, check out the WashPost interview with the actors.

We usher at Studio all of the time and highly recommend that as a fun way to see the show and volunteer at the same time. If you are looking for something to do in the middle of the day on Saturday, go to their Pay-What-You-Can show. We can't make it, but if you go, let us know how it is.

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