Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick Hit: Perfect for Halloween

Performance: Blood Sweat & Fears II
Theater: Molotov Theater Group, 1409 Playbill Café, 1409 14th Street NW
Metro stops: Dupont Circle-Red line or U Street/Cardozo-Green line
Genre: Gore-fest
Cost: $18, Goldstar has $9 tickets
Dates: Thought Oct 31
We're going: Oct 30, Wanna Come?

They say: The show is a cabaret-style production of three Grand Guignol one-act plays, with needlessly amped-up sex, drugs, rock and roll, blood and appalling behavior with stuffed animals. "This is pretty typical for a Molotov production – weird, gratuitous, and sophomoric. If you sit in the first few rows of the theater during the show, you might want to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little wet – or maybe a poncho. There's a good chance of some random fluids flying around, and we can't guarantee where they'll all spray."

We say: This production has gotten a pretty mediocre review from DC Theatre Scene. They are probably right that this isn't great theater, but if you are in the mood for quality, a show that warns you not to sit in the front row is probably not what you would pick. It should, however, be a great way to celebrate Devil's Night. Molotov's mission is "To revive the style of the Parisian 'Grand Guignol' horror plays - dramas that deal with macabre subjects and often graphic violence." The Grand Guignol was a Parisian theater that specialized in realistic but over-the-top horror plays. I'm not sure how Molotov does during the rest of the year, but I bet they make a killing in October. If you're in for some unnecessary violence, you should email us and come too.

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