Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick hit: highly recomended

Theater: 1st Stage Spring Hill, 1524 Spring HIll Rd. McLean, VA 22102
Metro stops: none, which is too bad. It's by Tyson's Corner. It's an easy drive, but be for warned, the theater is in a stripped down building, it looks like an office or a factory on the outside but is a gorgeous new theater on the inside.
Genre: Comedy of errors.
Cost: Tickets are $15 for students and $25 for adults.
Dates: Through October 4 (hey, that's this weekend!)
We're going: 10/3. Wanna come?

They say:
Unwilling to take a chance on an arranged marriage, our two intended lovers swap places with their servants so that they can size each other up from a less privileged position. Desire, agony, neuroses, and lust blend with wit, charm, surprise, and farce into romantic comic delight. "Marivaux's 17th Century classic, transported here to the 1930's, is as fresh as the day it was written."

We say:
20Something's office mate and new DB reader, B-Mac (hi B-Mac!) sees a lot of theater. Perhaps even more theater than us. So when she says that this is one of the best things she's seen, we take notice. We're thrilled to be going this Sat, but sad that it'll be closing on Sun. So, if you want to join us for B-Mac's pick of the fall, shoot us an e-mail and we will save you a seat in the car.

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