Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick hit: Angels in 2 parts

Performance: Angels in America
Theater: Forum Theatre, now at Round House, 8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Metro stops: Red Line, Silver spring
Genre: Political and social dram-mentary
Cost: $25, $15 for under 30. Update: Goldstar has tickets for 12.50 but there are $4 in service fees. Might be good if you are over 30 though.
Dates: Through Nov 22
We're going: Part I - Oct 16 Wanna Come?, Part II - ? Pick a date and we'll come with you!

They say: Set in Reagan-Era New York City, Angels in America is Tony Kushner’s two-part epic on national themes, the AIDS crisis, and spiritual and political morality. Forum presents the play that affected an entire generation for the current 2009 American landscape. A colorful array of characters become intertwined as they grapple with identity, community, guilt, intimacy and forgiveness. At once harrowing and uproarious, Angels in America is a fiercely theatrical modern morality play and a landmark of the American stage.

We say: Forum Theatre is doing Parts I and II of Angels in America this fall. Part I is already on stage and has received rave reviews. Part II opens Oct. 26 with Pay What You Can previews on Oct 24 and 25. Both parts are running simultaneously until Nov 22. Check their calendar for details. A pivotal work of modern American theater, Angels may require some background reading. We are going to see Part I on Friday (Oct 16). We'll probably see Part II also. If there is a day you want to go, send us an email and we'll tag along.

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