Friday, September 11, 2009

Art that is... but isn’t... pedestrian

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Now for the news:
It’s that time again. Time for DC’s annual neighborhood arts festival. This weekend, the Penn Quarter neighborhood is going to be bursting at the seams with free culture as part of the annual Arts on Foot festival. This festival has everything, food tastings, wine lectures, and every kind of arts that you can imagine. All the local companies will be participating, including one of the last shows of Shakespeare Theater Company’s Free for all, and performances by companies like Synetic (whom I love), Dizzy Miss Lizzy (the sweetheart of yet another year’s fringe festival),the DC Shorts Film Festival, and many more. This is worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood Friday for the art fest or Saturday for the full festival. You can see a full schedule of event here.

Here’s what they say:
  • A three day juried fine ART MARKET with nearly 100 exhibitors
  • CULTURAL CORRIDORS, supported by The Pink Line Project, filled with hands-on activities by galleries, theaters, museums, and arts organizations
  • RESTAURANT SAMPLING COURTS with 30 high-end eateries
  • O OrganicsTM COOKING AS ARTS PAVILION with demonstrations by some of Downtown’s top chefs
  • World Market® WINE AREA for sampling and seminars
  • Two ENTERTAINMENT STAGES with performances by exceptional local talent
  • NEIGHBORHOOD SHOWCASE with special programming by Penn Quarter Cultural Venues

If you’ve gone in year’s pasts, let us know what you thought in the comments.

What to see: Arts on Foot
Location: All throughout Gallery Place, centered at 7th and F St.
Metro Stops: Gallery Place/Chinatown (green line).
Genre: Free Festival
Cost: What part of free did you not understand?
Dates: 9/11 (art market) and 9/12 (art market and performances)

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