Friday, July 24, 2009

If you want to see some brilliant Fringe this weekend, see The Girls Inside

Final Performance: Saturday 7/25 @ 3:15.

Now, I’ll start this out by saying that one of my best friends was in this show, so I am clearly biased. That’s why I didn’t review it for DCTS. But if you want to read an unbiased report, check out the glowing reviews on DCTS or at Fringe and Purge.

This show is what Fringe is all about. It is short and poignant. It is conceptual and realistic. It is urban, and exciting, and powerful. It tells us something we did not know, and moves us at every turn. And then, once it’s sufficiently made its point, it lets it rest, so as to not beat it to death.

The Girls Inside is the story of four young women who are incarcerated at the Thomas J.S. Waxter Children’s Center in Laurel, MD. It is thoughtfully written by Leayne C. Freeman. It avoids cliché in a genre where that might be particularly hard, and gives us some real insight into the lives of these girls. The stars, Adena Good, Jo Higbee, Anyanna Hardy, and Zurin Villanueva are all wonderful. The float easily from longingly recollecting their childhoods to heart-wrenchingly discussing their current circumstances. Villanueva, the star of Arena Stage’s Crowns last spring, is particularly wonderful. Her beautiful singing voice is backed up by some powerful acting chops.

I won’t dwell. I will, however, say that this play is engaging from start to finish, and that if you are looking to have a real Fringe experience, this is how I’d do it.

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