Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 more reviews up on DCTS

We saw two plays on Thursday, and now my reviews are up on DC Theatre Scene. You should read my posts but I'll sum them up in a few words here:

Two Shorts in Black and White: skip it. The second short doesn't do that much to redeem the drek that is the first

The A Cappella Party: Fun. You probably have to see it if you ever sang in a college a cappella group, and I know a lot of DB readers did. If you know what the word "gorf" means, I'm talking to you! If you don't fall into this category, read my post for a full break down of how much you need to see this show.

I have seen 2 fringe shows today, and I'm off to a third soon, so I'll have more reviews for you tomorrow.

Go see fringe shows! Tell us what you liked in comments!

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