Monday, July 20, 2009

2 more reviews up at DCTS

Two more Fringe reviews have been posted:

Pepe: the Mail Order Monkey Musical

The Escapades of Farty Johnson

Here's a sample:
There’s a certain, ineffable quality of some shows that I can only describe as “fringyness”. It is hard to say what makes a show fringy. Certainly there are some theatrical conventions that are fringier than others. Clowning is fringy, as is audience participation. Inside the beltway jokes are fringy, as are hand panted, cardboard set pieces. A show may have all of these things and still not be fringy, but then again a show may have any one of a number of elements, that, when put together, create a whole that is fringier than the sum of its parts. I suspect this is why many of us go to Fringe. These elements, which might annoy us in a play any other time of year, are suddenly what we crave for three weeks in July. I expect a certain level of fringyness in my festival outings, and I’m often bored if I don’t get it.

If you like where that's going, click here to read on.

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