Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deals on plays I’ve already blogged

A few of the plays I’ve already blogged about are entering their final weeks and there are some cheap ways to see them. If you want to see some plays this weekend, here are some suggestions:


There are still $15 tix for the under 25 crowd, but they also sent out an e-mail today saying you could get half price tickets if you go to their website and use the promo cod 376

Closes: 4/26


There are still $10 tix for the under 25 crowd and $25 tickets the week of (if there are any left), but there are also half price tix from Goldstar.

Closes: 4/26

The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall

$10 Goldstar tix

Through 5/24 (so you still have some time for this one, but it’s a good deal)

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