Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick hit: A romance/murder mystery at Woolly

Performance: Ante Bellum
Theater: Woolly Mammoth Theater, 641 D St, NW
Metro: Gallery Place-green/red or Archives/Navy Memorial-Green. Directions here.
Genre: They say it’s half Hollywood romance, half murder mystery.
Cost: from $15 for people under 25. $15 rush seats sold 2 hours before curtain. Also, Pay What You Can nights are this Monday and Tuesday (3/30 and 3/31). More info below.
Dates: Through April 26
I’m going: 3/30. Email me if you want to join.

They say: “Part mystery, part Hollywood romance, Robert O’Hara’s stylish new play bridges time, space, religion and race to track a love affair that defies history’s harshest cruelties. It’s 1939. Hitler’s death camps flourished and Great Britain and France have declared war on Germany. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Gone with the Wind premieres amid star-studded decadence. Against the backdrops of a Southern plantation, a German concentration camp, Hollywood movies and Berlin cabarets, two stories mysteriously merge into one sweeping romance – and fate decides which souls survive and which must be sacrificed.”

PYWC: Tickets go on sale 90 minutes before show time. Two per person, cash or check only. A line usually forms, so get there early. Let me know if you want to come with us.

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