Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick hit: The church ladies are coming, and they are bringing their HATS

Performance: Crowns
Theater: Arena Stage at the Lincoln Theater (1215 U Street, NW,)
Metro: U St station. Directions here.
Genre: Musical
Cost: $10 for students if you call in advance. $25 “New Deal” tickets for anyone.
Dates: Through April 26
I’m going: 3/28

Back by popular demand, it’s the musical, based on the book, based on the photos, about southern church ladies and their fantastical hats.

They say: Hold onto your hat—one of our most popular musicals returns with a new production of Crowns. Come see the crowns worn by the “hat queens” of the South—women whose storied lives are woven into the straw, silk, wool and lace that adorn their heads.

I shall tell you more about it next week.

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