Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need some advice

As you may have noticed, my blog now has an awesome logo, designed for me by bkcreates.com. Unfortunately, when I uploaded it, I lost something. My blog used to have a subtitle. It was something about DC and arts and culture but I hadn’t settled on the language. But I can’t have it and the logo. This means I need to add it to the logo, which means I need to make a permanent subtitle. And I want your help to do it:

Below is a poll of some of my ideas for words that will go under “DistrictBeat” on our new log. Please take a second to tell me which you like the most. If you are viewing this in RSS, you may have to click through to the blog to see the poll. Also, if you have a better idea, post it to comments. I really appreciate your input as we look to make DistrictBeat even better.

What shoud the subtitle of this blog be?
DC arts and culture... cheap
DC arts and culture for less
Young. Artsy. DC.
Inexpensive arts and culture in DC
The District arts scene, for less
DC arts on a budget
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