Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick hit: The church ladies are coming, and they are bringing their HATS

Performance: Crowns
Theater: Arena Stage at the Lincoln Theater (1215 U Street, NW,)
Metro: U St station. Directions here.
Genre: Musical
Cost: $10 for students if you call in advance. $25 “New Deal” tickets for anyone.
Dates: Through April 26
I’m going: 3/28

Back by popular demand, it’s the musical, based on the book, based on the photos, about southern church ladies and their fantastical hats.

They say: Hold onto your hat—one of our most popular musicals returns with a new production of Crowns. Come see the crowns worn by the “hat queens” of the South—women whose storied lives are woven into the straw, silk, wool and lace that adorn their heads.

I shall tell you more about it next week.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick hit: A romance/murder mystery at Woolly

Performance: Ante Bellum
Theater: Woolly Mammoth Theater, 641 D St, NW
Metro: Gallery Place-green/red or Archives/Navy Memorial-Green. Directions here.
Genre: They say it’s half Hollywood romance, half murder mystery.
Cost: from $15 for people under 25. $15 rush seats sold 2 hours before curtain. Also, Pay What You Can nights are this Monday and Tuesday (3/30 and 3/31). More info below.
Dates: Through April 26
I’m going: 3/30. Email me if you want to join.

They say: “Part mystery, part Hollywood romance, Robert O’Hara’s stylish new play bridges time, space, religion and race to track a love affair that defies history’s harshest cruelties. It’s 1939. Hitler’s death camps flourished and Great Britain and France have declared war on Germany. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Gone with the Wind premieres amid star-studded decadence. Against the backdrops of a Southern plantation, a German concentration camp, Hollywood movies and Berlin cabarets, two stories mysteriously merge into one sweeping romance – and fate decides which souls survive and which must be sacrificed.”

PYWC: Tickets go on sale 90 minutes before show time. Two per person, cash or check only. A line usually forms, so get there early. Let me know if you want to come with us.

And the winner is

Thanks to everyone who participated in my "name that blog" poll. I am excited to announce thatwwe have a winner. With a margin of 50%, the new sub title for this blog is... Drum roll please...

DC arts on a budget"

(Cue fanfare, confetti, and eco-friendly e-baloon-drop!)

Look back in a few weeks to see this tag line incorporated into the logo. Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll. You all rock!

photo credit, flickr: Adam Vogel

Quick hit: Now that was odd

Performance: Marisol
Theater: H St Playhouse1365 H. St, NE
Metro: It’s a decent walk from Union Station (red line) or you can take the FREE SHUTTLE or the X2 bus from Gallery Place right to their front door. Check WMATA for suggestions.)
Genre: post apocalyptic drama
Cost: $18 student tickets
Dates: Through April 5
I’m going: 4/3. Email me if you want to join.

I was first exposed to this play in 2008, when the University of Maryland (go Terps!) did a production. I enjoyed it so much I saw it three times (I also had a friend in the cast, which may have had something to do with it). It is an odd little duck, and certainly an ugly one, but that is not to say it isn’t worth seeing. José Rivera tells a riveting story of a girl abandoned by her guardian angel on the eve of the revolution against heaven. It’s a fascinating play and Forum does great work. Check it out if you get a chance.

I am not going until the end of the run, so if you have seen this production (or other productions), tell us about it in comments.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A HAPPY hour tip from a friend

Restaurant: Nooshi DC
Address: 1120 19th St NW (between L and M)
Metro: Dupont Circle (Red) or Foggy Bottom (blue/orange)
Genre: Japanese
Cost: All drinks half price 3-7. Reasonably priced food
Rating: 5/5 “Starving Artists” for the deal, 4/5 on the food

This post is long overdue for two reasons: First, a few months ago, a friend from college (who my friend called TCW, so I shall refer to her here as such) gave me a great tip on a great place to do happy hour in the city. Second, I have been there twice since TCW gave me the tip, and I am only now getting around to writing it up. How sad is that?

Have you been to Nooshi yet? You know what they serve at Nooshi? Sushi! Say it, it’s fun . Nooshi Sushi is conveniently located just south of Dupont and they serve some very decent Sushi. But that is not the selling point. The selling point is the happy hour special. ALL drinks are half off. That’s right, everything on the menu. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, it’s all half off. You can get a large bottle of hot sake for $4. How cool is that? From 3-7 on Monday through Saturday, all their drinks are half price. Even though they have no food specials, it is a great place to meet for drinks and a light bite.

It was not crowded either time I was there (though now that everyone is reading this, I guess I have screwed the pooch on that one). I tried a few of the rolls each time and was quite impressed with them. To be fair, it is certainly no Sticky Rice, or Sake Club, but for the price it cannot be beat.

Have you been there? What were your experiences like? Tell us about it in the comments! (hey, some of you who went there with me read this blog, so I better see your comments). Thanks again to TCW for the tip!

Also, have you taken my survey yet? I need your advice! Click here to weigh in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need some advice

As you may have noticed, my blog now has an awesome logo, designed for me by Unfortunately, when I uploaded it, I lost something. My blog used to have a subtitle. It was something about DC and arts and culture but I hadn’t settled on the language. But I can’t have it and the logo. This means I need to add it to the logo, which means I need to make a permanent subtitle. And I want your help to do it:

Below is a poll of some of my ideas for words that will go under “DistrictBeat” on our new log. Please take a second to tell me which you like the most. If you are viewing this in RSS, you may have to click through to the blog to see the poll. Also, if you have a better idea, post it to comments. I really appreciate your input as we look to make DistrictBeat even better.

What shoud the subtitle of this blog be?
DC arts and culture... cheap
DC arts and culture for less
Young. Artsy. DC.
Inexpensive arts and culture in DC
The District arts scene, for less
DC arts on a budget free polls

Apology from a negligent blogger and a play this week.

Hi everyone. I’ve been a crappy blogger lately. By this, I mean that I have been nonexistent. I’ve been swamped with work and the creation of our new Family Haggadah (which I am thrilled to say is nearly done). I’m going to get back on track now. I promise.

There is a new show at the Studio Theatre that I am going to try and see this week (it closes this weekend). Anyone want to come with us?

Performance: The Receptionist
Theater: Studio Theatre. 1501 14th St, NW
Metro stops: Dupont Circle -Red line or U Street/Cardozo-Green line
Genre: Office Drama with a gist
Cost: Tickets are $30. There is a $five student discount too. They may also have half price rush tickets 30 min before the show or you can usher (more here)
Dates: Through March 22

This is a story about an office that seems a lot like yours, until you discover their dark secret. I know very little else, other than that it is well done, powerful, and surprising. It is mostly serious with some very funny moments. DC Theater Scene has a thoughtful review up.

Let me know if you want to come with us.

I have missed you all and I am psyched to return to the world of the blogging.

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