Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick hit: It’s powerful and well done, but brace yourself

Performance: Blackbird
Theater: Studio Theatre. 1501 14th St, NW
Metro stops: Dupont Circle – Red line or U Street/Cardozo-Green line)
Genre: Drama
Cost: Starting at $36 with the student discount. They also have half price rush tickets 30 min before the show or you can usher (more here)
Dates: Through December 21Site: here

This will be a short review since Blackbird is only playing for a few more days. It is exceptionally well done. Both actors deliver wrenching performances. And yet, if I had to describe how I felt during the show, I would say that it made me want to vomit. It is an incredibly difficult subject matter and the author doesn’t pull any punches. I was supremely uncomfortable throughout and I was relieved only by the fact that there were 150 other people who were just as uncomfortable as I. But don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t see it. It is theater that shocks you out of your complacency and that is exactly its intent. It is meant to jostle you, it is intended to disturb. It does not shock for shock's sake, but rather, it rattles your cage thoughtfully (if such a thing is possible). It is like tearing off a band-aid and seeing your humanity underneath. If you get a chance, or if you can’t get tickets to the Last Days of Judas Iscariot (which you should, but they only have tix for Saturday’s matinee left) then I definitely recommend that you go. Just bring some chocolate with you.


  1. i missed it. it closed yesterday. but i did hear it was really amazing from others, too

  2. There was some talk about extending the run, but I guess they decided they couldn't. It wasn't packed when we saw it. Perhaps that is why.

    There will be pleanty more great shows from Studio. Don't you worry. I'll keep you posted as best I can.


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