Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going to the Studio Theatre for free or cheap

The Studio Theatre is, in my opinion, one of DC’s best theaters. They do innovative and powerful work at an incredibly high production value. Their main stage shows are always well cast, and well performed, and their smaller theater is a perfect place for an intimate drama. They find really interesting, modern work and they bring in fascinating guest artists. There is a nice mix of material, from The Road to Mecca to Jerry Springer, the Opera. And the best part is, there are 3 great ways to see theater there for free or cheap:
  • There is a $5 discount on all tickets with your student ID.
  • 30 min below each show, they do rush, except Saturday nights. If you have a student ID, tickets are half price. If you do not, then tickets are $30. Remember, this is based on availability, so you may want to call ahead to see if it looks like there will be tickets.
  • Usher, and you see the show for free. Lady AWesome and I have ushered at Studio a couple of times. You get to help out and you see the show for free. And the staff is really good about making sure you can see the whole show, though you may have to stand. This is a FANTASTIC way to see theater for free. If you are interested, e-mail to ask about availability. I highly recommend that all y’alls take advantage of this.

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