Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick hits: Boom and Cirque du Soleil

I am introducing a new piece of the blog. I will use “quick hits” to tell you about adventures I am planning on taking or cool things that I have heard of but won’t be able to make. I hope that you will join me when you can. And of course, I will review all these things afterwards. As always, the point of this blog is to share the wealth. So, here is the information on two events I am going to in the next few weeks:

Play: Boom
Theater: Woolly Mammoth Theater (Gallery Place-red or Archives/Navy Memorial-Green)
Genre: Comedy
Cost: There are student tickets for $15
Dates: Through December 7
I am going: 11/21
Site: here
Note: I’ve never seen a show at Wooly I did not like and I hear good things about this one.

Performance: Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza
Theater: Plateau at National Harbor (not metro accessible)
Genre: Circus arts
Cost: Student tickets start at $49.50
Dates: Through December 14
I am going: 12/2 (I’m taking Lady AWesome for her birthday)
Site: here
Notes: I know that $50 is not so true to my “culture on a budget” mission, but if you’ve never seen a Cirque show, I recommend that you do. It’s worth it. It will blow you mind. Seriously And, I hear that Kooza is particularly good. So if you have the money, this is definitely the way to spend it.

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  1. I saw that Cirq show and it was totally worth stretching the budget for. The show is somewhat less artsy than Cirq is known for, but it was fabulous nonetheless.

    You'll need a car to get there, but the show is only 20 minutes from the city (even in rush hour traffic).


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