Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogging Restaurant Week and Morrison Clark Restaurant

This week was the triumphant return of DC Restaurant Week. If you are looking for a way to try some of DC’s best dining establishments for a reasonable price, then RW is the way to go. For $35 ($25 for lunch) you can get a 3 course meal at some of the finest eateries in town. Now, I know that Friday was the last day of this Restaurant week, but it comes a couple of times a year and I’ll be sure and let my readers (for the moment, that’s both of you) know the next time it comes up. You can also sign up for an account at Open Table and they will incessantly e-mail you the next time one comes around. There is usually one in January and one in August.

Now I would like to tell you about this year’s Restaurant Week experiment.

Restaurant: Morrison Clark Restaurant
Address: 1015 L Street, NW
Metro: Mt. Vernon Sq (green/yellow) or McPherson Square (blue/orange)
Genre: American
Cost: $35 for restaurant week
Rating: 3/5 “Starving Artists” (This is my new rating system. If you have a better idea for a unit of measure, I’m definitely open)
I got to go to this restaurant with Lady AWesome and my mom (who was briefly in town) which was a nice treat. The setting is really sweet. It is a historical inn built in 1864, with a classic southern dining room. It was quaint and quiet.

The food was solid. Open table described the food as “Southern” I don’t know what was southern about it, as it was your standard, fancy American fair, but it was good. The dishes were rich and flavorful, though not overly creative or innovative. I had the spinach salad (warm bacon vinaigrette, roasted beets, shaved onions & vine ripened tomatoes), the pork tenderloin medallions (balsamic vinegar cranberry reduction, spinach, baby vegetables and spoon bread) and the warm chocolate pumpkin swirl brownie. The salad was delicious once I asked for some additional dressing. The main course was really great, especially the cranberry reduction. The “spoon bread” was an interesting touch which had the consistency of grits and the taste of polenta, but it went well with everything else. Lady AWesome had the beef short ribs which were also quite good, though perhaps a little too rich.

All in all, I felt the restaurant was tasty but not inspiring. It was good meal but not what I was hoping for. The best RW experiences I have had have been at restaurants I never would have been to otherwise. I see RW as a chance to really go out of the box, and for that reason alone, I’d recommend that you try something different next time RW comes around.

Yesterday we saw Boom, so expect another post soon.

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  1. Lady AWesome here.
    Just thought I'd add my two cents on this restaurant also. Regarding the short ribs: very good, moist and flavorful. I fully agree with the comment about them being to rich though. Also, as a gal that likes veggies with her meals, i have to say, that a few additional carrots and a little less meat would have made the meal feel less rich without losing the flavors.


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