Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogging Boom: a hysterical, post-apocalyptic way to spend an evening.

Play: Boom
Theater: Woolly Mammoth Theater (Gallery Place-red or Archives/Navy Memorial-Green)
Genre: Comedy
Cost: There are student tickets for $15
Dates: Through December 7
Site: here
Rating: 5 “Starving Artists” (out of 5)

On Friday night Lady AWesome, two close friends, and I went to see the newest show at Woolly Mammoth Theater. We are huge fans of this company and this show did not disappoint. Woolly continues to push the envelope in surprising but effective ways. And, they have one of the best deals for young adults in town. $15 for people under 25. You can’t beat that! If you have a chance, catch Boom before it closes.

The play is an exploration of two unlikely characters who must face the possibility that they may become the last man and woman on earth, while the whole time they are watched over by our omniscient docent Barbara (Sarah Marshall). There is some pleasurable chemistry between Jules (Aubrey Deeker) and Jo (Kimberly Gilber), and there should be since the program says that they are roommates in real life. They shine as two grad students trapped in an underground lab during what may be the end of the world. Watching the two of them try and cope with the enormity of their lives is surprisingly fun, due to the especially lighthearted writing. This is quite a feat considering the seriousness of the subject matter, but the humor makes the thoughtful commentary on science and biology go down fairly easy. The set is gorgeous (I’d expect nothing less from a Woolly production), and thrust they constructed is a fun change for that space.

I know what you are saying though. You’re saying “I’ve see it before. It’s your basic story of ‘boy meets girl, world ends, boy and girl survive.” And I’d be inclined to agree. All of this is solid, but alone it would not make for a fantastic play, were it not for Sarah Marshall, who shines in another brilliant comedic performance. Marshall (who we recently saw in Woolly’s Maria/Stuart) delivers line after hysterical line in a part that really ties the show together. Her commentary lightens up the more serious moments and provides some perspectives in the more confusing ones. Her performance is not to be missed.

All told, I think this is a great play at an even better price. We went to Teaism (400 8th Street NW, to be blogged about later) for dinner, and we were able to do dinner and play and it didn’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a night on the town, I’d strongly recommend going this route. And so, I am happy to give it 5 “Starving Artists” (out of 5).

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