Monday, November 17, 2008

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I think DC is an amazing city to be a 20something. Around every corner and under every rock is a new experience, a new adventure. It is my goal, for the time that I am here, to carpe urbis, to suck the marrow from Washington (does that sound dirty?). Should I ever find myself living in Des Moines, IA, I want to be able to say that there was a time when the District was my oyster. I want to be able to tell my children that I used to be the master of the Metro, that the green/blue/orange/yellow/red lines knew my tread well. It is for this reason that I seek out theater, music, food, exhibits, events in the District, somewhat veraciously.

All of this is, of course, balanced against my meager income. I cannot afford to be the theater buff I aspire to be, at least not at face value. My wallet and my palette often battle for dominance over my restaurant choices. And so I have become a frugal explorer, a seeker of discounts. I am the Han Solo of free events, the James T. Kirk of cheap tickets, the Frodo Baggins of inexpensive restaurants, and the Ferris Bueller of student discounts (although I suspect that Ferris Bueller was also the Ferris Bueller of student discounts). Wherever there is a cultural event in DC a bargain price, I’m going to find it.

So this is my vow to you. I hope share my treasure map of this city with you, on the condition that you help me expand it. I will let you know about the places I’m going in the hopes that you will join me. And I will review the places I’ve been, so that others can benefit from my experimentation. And I hope that you will e-mail me tips about restaurants, theater, music, events, and exhibits happening in the DC metro area that can be experienced on a budget. If you know of things you’d like me to join you at or think I should review, please e-mail me at There is nothing more pleasurable than sharing the journey together. DC shall be our final frontier and we shall boldly go where our wallets will allow.

Hat tip to Stads for talking me in to doing this.

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