Thursday, November 13, 2008

About Me

I have always identified with this quote: For millennials, “identity is multiple and distributed like a set of windows on a computer screen.” Here are some of the identities with which I identify.

  • A 20 something
  • A current Washingtonian
  • Jewish
  • Progressive
  • Male
  • A theater buff
  • A Music junkie
  • A Foodie (In that I like to eat food)
  • An explorer
  • A wonderer

If you share any of these windows, then maybe you’ll be interested in my adventures. I’ll post fun places I’m going and fun places I’ve been. I love to take advantage of this amazing city we live in. If you agree, let’s find the ways.

Quote: Draft Brandeis Study “Jewish Life on the American College Campus: Realities and Opportunities” 2004, citing Cherry Turkle 1995.


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  2. My friend Becca ( posted an awesome comment for an assignment she had to do for a communications class. Unfortunatly, I wanted to pull out my name, since I am trying to be a little “annonmous” on my blog. But here is what she wrote:

    hi, its becca. wanna see what i wrote for class about your blog? maybe you can publish this somewhere if (when) you get famous and a PR agent asks you for a summary about

    "Just when I thought I had just about done all there was to do in Washington, D.C., after five semesters of day rips and nights in George Washington University, Chinatown, the National Mall and Dupont Circle, a friend of mine told me that I was completely wrong. He referred me to his blog, called, and rightfully so, in which he writes about affordable attractions in the nation’s capital for young people. The author of the blog, “20Something”, a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Maryland, now a resident of D.C., seeks out “theater, music, food, exhibits, events in the District, somewhat veraciously” (as stated on the blog’s “about this blog” section). He says that his goal is to seek out bargain prices in Washington; when he finds them, he reports on them and provides reviews to his readers. His blog entries are both informative and readable because he organizes each entry as follows: the name/a description of the performance/restaurant/entertainment, address of the venue, directions by metro, genre, cost, and a rating (on a scale of “Starving Artists”). 20 Something sometimes provides a YouTube video in the entry of the musical group or performance, and adds photos for restaurants he has visited. It’s comforting to see that people are taking advantage of all that D.C. has to offer for younger crowds and those who look for a new entertainment experience. I’m definitely going to follow in the future to see where it might take me."


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